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Spam Free

We manually check every site carefully to ensure only clean domains that haven’t been used for SEO purposes in the past make it into our marketplace.

Genuine Backlinks

The domains we find were genuine businesses and sites that have real and natural links pointing to them.

Bulk Discounts

We offer discounts automatically when you purchase more than 6 domains (10%) and more than 10 domains (20%) in a single transaction. Please contact us for larger quantity discounts.

Up to Date Metrics

We run updates on our domains in a rolling schedule, meaning the metrics will never be more than 24 hours old. You can hover over the ‘clock’ icon to see when we last updated the details.

Archive Snapshots

When you purchase domains from us, you get sent snapshots of the pages that we checked when approving your domain. There will generally be 2 image snapshots per year subject to availability.

Domain Replacement Policy

If you are unhappy with a domain for any legitimate reason we will be happy to replace it with another from our database. If in the unlikely event your domain doesn’t index within a reasonable time, we’ll also provide another domain for you - Free of Charge.

Manually Identified Topics

Along with the Majestic Topic, we manually select categories that the old site would fit with. This allows you to choose a niche with confidence - knowing it will be in the right niche and pass the most topical trust flow to your money site.

Instant Delivery

Domains are instantly delivered to you via email and in your domains area on the PBN HQ site. You can register them with whoever you wish.

Daily Digest

Almost every day we’re adding new domains to our database. We understand not everyone can login each day so we notify members via email as well. You have the option to receive a daily email with freshly added domains from specific categories e.g. Sports, Health, Fitness.

What clients say

First off, Hats off to Stephen & Doug. They've created an awesome community for the PBN world. Right when you think you know everything about PBN, Stephen or Doug will share some new and exciting insights.

I've been buying domains now for awhile, I've used and liked it. But so did every other SEO person on the web. It became really hard to find great domains and honestly, it was to labour intensive for what it should be.

I've started to actively use the PBN HQ domains marketplace. I thought I'd share my 2 cents. The hardest part about finding domains in my opinion is the spam that could be associated with them. The PBN HQ marketplace, on all the domains I've recently bought, contains no spam at all. A breath of fresh air.

The DA, TF, CF and LRD data is also accurate. I noticed with other services this data varies and isn't always spot on. With PBN HQ it has been spot on for each domain we bought.

I plan on buying 50 domains from PBN HQ shortly and more right after (need time to set up those sites!). If you are struggling with finding a good domain, don't waste anymore time. Use PBN HQ.

Just used it last night and the site and service are pretty awesome. Lots of great domains on there to grab and I even got an email from Doug helping me through it...

I find PBNHQ the best place online to find great expired domains. They make it really simple to get spam checked domains which have real power. The best part is you know what your getting before you buy unlike most market place sellers. Their weekly emails with the current available domains are gold!

For those of you just starting out in the PBN world or those tired of dealing with shady brokers (believe me there are a lot out there). Doug's service is top notch. Every single domain I have purchased from him has maintained their Majestic and Moz profiles and indexed with 0 problems. For as long as PBNHQ is online, I will only buy domains from them!

Order my first domain last week and got it set up on Friday. Domain is great with clean backlinks and history, and was indexed in less than two days. Thanks Doug I will certainly come back again.

Matt Goulart

Matt Goulart

Founder at Ignite Digital Inc.

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Kenny Muise


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Mark Doherty


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